Ranan Lurie

On this site you will find samples of  Ranan Lurie's cartoons and caricatures, along with all the information you need to subscribe, whether you're a publication or an individual.

Your readers will comprehend, within 7 to 10 seconds, the very complicated, yet so important international events through the know- how, wisdom and  humor of his cartoons.

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Ranan Lurie biographical sketch Who is Ranan R. Lurie, and what the world's leading media say about him
Prices and information on how to subscribe Instructions on how publications subscribe
The contract signed by all subscribers Prices and instructions on how individuals subscribe to receiving these cartoons as soon as they are created, to your E-mail
Samples of daily black and white cartoons Samples of the Lurie daily Black & White cartoons, analyzing in graphic humor the world's major events
Samples of daily color cartoons Samples of Lurie's Daily Color cartoons, adding blushing tint to the mishaps and foul play of nations and so called leaders
Samples of black and white caricatures His Black & White caricatures (cartoon portraits) of world leaders. He has a library of more than a thousand of those
Samples of color caricatures His Color caricatures. A delight to your eye, but not always to the dictators, premiers and presidents who sit for him...
The UNITED NATIONS Correspondents Association Award for political cartooning, named after Ranan Lurie